“A dedicated investor relations
social media platform for
listed companies to inform,
communicate and engage with
investors and intermediaries."

Finvictum = A dedicated information and communication platform for listed companies to inform, communicate and engage with investors and service providers.

We at FINVICTUM believe that in the foreseeable future it will be possible to trace every shareholder of every company, no matter where they are located or which broker or financial institution they use. The SRD II legislation already makes it possible for EU companies to obtain information about their shareholders at a certain point in time. It still takes a lot of time, effort and money to get all this data from all the different financial institutions, but these systems will improve over time and at a certain point it will be possible to know at the close of business who all the shareholders of your company are.

We at FINVICTUM want to be ready by then and make it possible to use this shareholder data (disclosure request information) to feed our platform and the pre-defined communication groups of the different companies. Initially these communication groups will be flexible and will only be checked at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly,...), but we foresee that in the future it will be possible for the company to get a full overview of the shareholder base and thus up-to-date communication groups at the close of business. This will allow the company to reach all investors at the same time and provide them with the best possible information and even individual support.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem focused on listed companies, investors and intermediaries by building a dedicated investor relations social media platform for (listed) companies to interact and engage with their investors and service providers in a direct, secure and structured way. All corporate information and communication will be available directly from the listed companies using pre-defined communication groups to communicate and inform investors not only about financial information but also about various corporate topics.

Finvictum wants to be a one-stop shop for companies to improve:

 Shareholder communication
 Shareholder information
 Shareholder engagement
 Data analysis
 GDPR compliance

With our platform, we apply a new methodology to connect listed companies with investors and intermediaries based on the SRD II legislation and to grow an investor-oriented ecosystem. The Finvictum platform combines a number of widely used communication tools that allow the different stakeholders (listed companies, investors and service providers) to interact in a structured, collaborative and centralised way.

Our secret sauce is the way we use the investor data we receive from intermediaries through disclosure exercises, in a GDPR compliant way, to invite investors and grow our ecosystem. This investor data is automatically organised and, once approved by the investor, fed into communication groups to bring structure, personal interaction and advice to investor relations.

With the ability to upload disclosure reports (containing details of all confirmed shareholders) to our platform, we can invite known shareholders based on their email address listed in the disclosure files. Through the platform's built-in Finvictum loader, shareholders are invited by the issuer to join the platform before we add them to our Finvictum platform. This makes the data transfer GDPR compliant and allows the company to connect with its investors in a faster, more direct and streamlined way than ever before.

What is SRD II about?

Granting listed companies the right to identify their shareholders and institutionalising certain information flows between listed companies and their shareholders.

Ensuring that all investors are incentivised to participate in the long-term life of the companies they invest in, in order to make the EU economy more sustainable in the long term.
Facilitate the identification of shareholders by requiring intermediaries to provide shareholder information (name, contact, registration number, number of shares) at the company's request.
Improve shareholder participation in corporate governance by encouraging companies to provide their shareholders with the means to vote at general meetings.
Promote transparency of investment strategy by encouraging institutional investors and asset managers to disclose relevant information.
Influence directors' remuneration by involving shareholders in the process of setting, voting on and publishing remuneration policies and reports on their implementation.

Shares in listed companies are often held through a complex web of intermediaries, making it difficult for companies to identify their shareholders. Concerns have been raised that this hinders effective and direct communication between the company and its shareholders and makes it more difficult for shareholders to exercise their rights.
The SRD II seeks to address these concerns by granting listed companies the right to identify their shareholders and by institutionalising certain information flows between listed companies and their shareholders.
Identification of shareholders Listed companies will have the right to "look through" the chain of intermediaries and identify their shareholders by sending an identification request to the relevant intermediary. At the company's request, the intermediary should promptly provide the company with: (i) the shareholder's name and contact details; (ii) the number of shares held; and (iii) if the company so requests, the classes of shares held and the date of acquisition. No reason need be given for the Company's request.

A platform

For investors

Connect, communicate and engage with the companies they invest in.

Receive all company information and communications directly from the company.

Two-way communication with the company and the ability to communicate directly with the relevant teams.

All key information at your fingertips.

Integrated agenda to track past and upcoming events.

Advice and support from the company on dividend payments, AGM voting, etc.

Search for new investment opportunities.

Follow all the companies and investment products that interest you.

A platform

For listed companies

communicate and inform investors about your organisation, your financial information, corporate actions or specific company issues.

Interact and communicate with all your shareholders & fans.

Organise, inform and communicate corporate actions that require mechanical interaction between issuer and investors.

Find new investors and improve the relationship with existing ones.

Assist investors with specific transactions such as the AMG, dividend payments and etc

Search for service providers.

Shareholder and trend analysis.

Building an ecosystem.

Key elements.

The key elements of an ecosystem are a culture of trust, collaboration and mutual benefit. The key to building a thriving ecosystem is to connect a community across all its social boundaries. Creating strong communities accelerates the flow of information and improves social feedback mechanisms, ideas flow faster and people are more accountable to each other.

Bringing people together.

Bringing together the investor community, listed companies and their service providers and providing a platform for them to engage, interact and communicate in a direct and structured way has all the building blocks for a thriving ecosystem. Based on the SRDII legislation, listed companies have the tools to reach investors more easily than ever before, without the interference of all intermediaries.

A social media platform

A social media platform

Social media has revolutionised and modernised the way many investors now digest financial information and advice. Social media platforms have made it easier than ever to share financial content. Many advisers (service providers) around the world have taken advantage of this. Although many companies have understood the importance of social media marketing and have started their social networking journeys, listed companies are still struggling with how to make social media work for them in today's world when interacting with their shareholders and investors.
Glenn Mariën
Finvictum., Ant, BEL
Although often used by listed companies, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok,... are not solely focused on investors or listed companies. They only provide content and are not interested in the news as such. Companies try to take advantage of the scale of these platforms to reach as many connected people on these platforms as possible, but have no idea if these people are important to them.
Timothy Melis
Finvictum., Ant, BEL
As more companies take advantage of the digital revolution, the use of social media in the industry is growing rapidly. Your company can create a better marketing strategy by being aware of the legalities, integrating social media platforms and providing value to customers and investors. It's a win-win situation, but being on every social media platform isn't always the best decision. In fact, some of the biggest social platforms may not even be of value to your business. Instead, we understand the need for a tactical social media management strategy that informs, engages and converts by using the right platforms for your messaging and reaching your target audience in the right way.
Ornella Mandaglio
Finvictum., Ant, BEL
Therefore, we at FINVICTUM believe that a social media platform that really focuses on investments, shares, listed companies, shareholder engagement, shareholder communication and information, ...., and tries to build an ecosystem around it, has great potential if it succeeds in connecting investors with listed companies. We think we have what it takes!
Geert Asselman
Finvictum., Ant, BEL


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